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Balsa wood floats for Glasair Sportman size 120 cu in.
Length = 97 cm. Total Weight for this set = 1.05 KG.
Special: 3,300.00 THB

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Code : W009
Focke Wulf 190Aicon
Expoxy resin fiberglass fuselage with fully built up lite ply and balsa wings.
Special: 11,900.00 THB

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Code : W040
AICHI D3A1icon
This is a World War II Japanese dive bomber. The D3A1 kit features a fiberglass fuselage and laser cut built up wings.
Special: 11,500.00 THB

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Two-piece, plug-in wings & stabilizers with aluminum tube joiner. Laser cut balsa/balsa plywood, light weight construction.The fiberblass cowling pre-painted.
Special: 8,500.00 THB

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Code : SEA279
RANS S 20 Raven icon
Laser cut balsa construction.The fiberblass cowling are pre-painted. Covering is expertly applied Oracover.
Special: 7,900.00 THB

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Code : Rascal80-Red
Rascal 80 - Redicon
For Electric and Glow Power. 2-Piece wing design with Aluminum Tube wing joiner. Handcraft wood ARF. Magnetic Top Hatch.
Special: 6,900.00 THB

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Laser cut balsa construction.The fiberblass cowling pre-painted. Flat-finish Oracover covering with accurate and scale color scheme.
Special: 8,900.00 THB

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Professional designed for 3D and precision Aerobatics. Balsa & Balsa plywood, strong light weight construction. Covered in Oracover film from Germany.
Special: 14,900.00 THB

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Laser cut balsa construction.The fiberblass cowling pre-painted.
Special: 3,500.00 THB

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The legendary "Texan" trainer with the AT6 Texan ARF,from World War II used by the United States. Featuring an accurate outline for terrifie scale looks. Great option for intermediate to advanced pilots.
Special: 6,900.00 THB

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